The Honorable Alternative:
A Conservative Case for Johnson/Weld in 2016

In the extraordinary election of 2016, "regular" Republicans and normal conservatives have found themselves looking for a lifeboat option -- an alternative to two major-party candidates who don't reflect their values. In a rare event, a third party (the Libertarian Party) has nominated a ticket of two highly qualified former state governors, both of whom served as Republicans. This extraordinary turn of events has created an honorable alternative for mainstream conservatives as well as moderates who are looking for something better than what the major parties have served up.

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This short book is intended for the reader (and voter) who is pressed for time. It is intended to take a little under an hour to read, with chapters devoted to specific key issues of importance to conservatives. It is not enough simply to be against something, and this election is too important to sit out. There is a positive, affirmative case to be made for a vote with honor in the 2016 election.